Saturday, October 15, 2016

on Luciel, an old article on thoughtcatalog, and you

I still prefer Luciel to Saeyoung, or 707. Luciel is a pretty baptismal name.

so I finished the game a few weeks ago with a good ending with Luciel and no regret. not only does he unveil the whole story, but he is the smart character with a genuine heart, mature enough and joyful enough, despite being a bit cold and too protective at times (to the point of pushing people away from him for fear of hurting them, which is pretty much a dumb thought and somewhat annoyingly heartbreaking).

recently I have looked back on my week filled with sleeplessness and excitement and sadness of playing this game and realized that somehow Luciel was just like you. maybe that was the reason I picked him with no second thoughts.

I opened my secret folder of mushy articles on thoughtcatalog and clicked on one of them. I mean, as tough as I appear to be, sometimes I crave for comfort. comfort from “that special someone” seems to be an alien concept these days. I have not dated anyone in a long time. all have pretty much ended in crushes who did not reciprocate, and as strange as it may sound, I did not see any future with any of them whatsoever.

anyway back to the article. I bookmarked this one a year ago (here it is:, when it came out on the site. I might be too shy to tell you, or even read to you, any line of it, but the author managed to steal the words from my mouth. and it still rings true after all this time.

I guess I will allow myself to lie down a bit longer and think of you a little bit more today. in this crazy world where we are all drowning in our own business, I wish I could take advantage of this headache to stay afloat for a while and allow myself to miss you again.

I miss you, I truly do.

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